Collision Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1 (digital copy)

Collision Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1 (digital copy)

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Collision Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1 was released in the Spring of 2007. In addition to the research articles, this issue also includes the 2007 EDR Summit speaker presentations in PDF format.

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Articles included in this issue:

  • Two-dimensional analyses of EDR information
    by Bruno Schmidt

  • Close Range Photogrammetry
    by Lee DeChant

  • Compartmentalization Compromised: The Issue of School Bus Passenger Safety
    by Dr. Ray Turner

  • Damage-Based Collision Severity Reconstruction Technique
    by mark S. Erikson, PE, Wilson C. Hayes, PhD

  • Analysis of Collisions: Point Mass Mechanics and Planar Impact Mechanics
    by Raymond Brach, Matthew Brach

  • Carrying out a high-speed crash test for the Dutch police
    by Wolfram kalthoff, Ralf Buhrmann, Eckhard Meyer

  • My Turn at the Wheel: The Future of Accident Reconstruction
    by Terry D. Lewis

  • EDR Durability
    by Wade Bartlett

  • The Accuracy of General Motors Event Data Recorders in NHTSA Crash Tests
    by Craig Wilkinson, Jonathan Lawrence, David King

  • When Measuring Vehicle Crush… find the Method that Works for You
    by Bob Galvin

  • Book Reviews
    by Joseph Badger

  • Reconstruction & Analysis Of Steering-induced, On-road, Untripped SUV Rollover
    by Lawrence Wilson, PE, Michael Gilbert, PE, Daniel Godrick

  • Case Study
    by Rusty Haight

2007 EDR Summit Presentations:

  • New Vetronix Release of Ford EDRs
    Richard Ruth
  • Two-Dimensional Analyses of EDR Information
    Bruno Schmidt
  • Average Daily Ignition Cycles in SDM-Equipped, GM Vehicles
    David Little, P.Eng
  • Survivability Aspects of the 563 Rule
    Wade Bartlett
  • The Accuracy of GM EDRs in NHTSA Frontal Barrier Tests
    Craig C. Wilkinson, PEng
  • Using Diagnostic Tools with the CDR System
    Brad Muir
  • GM Vehices: When Non-Deployments are Saved or Not Saved, and the GM Logic
    William Messerschmidt
  • Detailed Evaluation of Vehicle Speed and Speed Recorded by an SDM
    Timothy Reust
  • When do Airbags Deploy?
    W.R. “Rusty” Haight
  • Final NHTSA Ruling and its Implications
    Don Anderson / Olof Jacobson