Collision Magazine Volume 4, Issue 2 (digital copy)

Collision Magazine Volume 4, Issue 2 (digital copy)

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Collision Magazine Volume 4, Issue 2 was released in the Fall of 2009. In addition to the research articles, this issue also includes the 2009 ARC-CSI Crash Conference Data.

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Articles included in this issue:

  • Estimation of Vehicle Speed and Trajectory Based on Video from a Vehicle-Mounted Camera
    By: Dan T. Horak

  • “What is 30?”
    By: Lenny Simpson and Greg Russell

  • Momentum – Vectoring in a New Approach
    By: C. Gregory Russell

  • The Latest CDR System Data from GM Vehicles Update
    By: Brad Muir

  • Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle: Linked Brakes and Their Performance
    By: Gary Johnson

  • Braking Efficiencies of Motorcycles By Experienced Riders in Hard Braking Situations
    By: Lee E. Jackson and Raymond L. Wangler

  • My Turn At the Wheel
    By: Richard C. Rinker

  • Death Investigations and Their Psychological Effect on Police Officers
    By: Brian Smith

  • Testing the Last Stop Record in the Mercedes MBE 4000
    By: Benjamin N. Smith William F. and Ronnie E. DeMonia

  • Automobile Extrication for the Reconstructionist
    By: Bill Davies

  • Perception-Reaction Time: Is Olson (& Sivak) All You Need To Know?
    By: Marc Green, Ph. D.

  • Comparison of Vehicle Measurement Techniques
    By: Daniel S. Peterson, P.E. and James W. Smith, P.E.

  • Commercial Vehicle Dynamics For Collision Reconstruction
    By: Daniel J. Melcher, Jeffrey D. Armstrong, Jason D. Jupe, and
    Michael F. Bosworth

    Crash Test Data included in this issue:

    • Conference Presentations (PDF)
    • Digital Photos and Video of all Crashes
    • Crash Data from all Crashes
    • Test 1: Journey to Cavalier
    • Test 2: Malibu to Trailer
    • Test 3: Crown Vic. to Trailer
    • Test 4: Taurus to Trailer
    • Test 5: Ram 1500 to Ranger
    • Test 6: Crown Vic. to Contour
    • Test 7-10: Rollover Attempts: Grand Cherokee (ESC)
    • Test 11: Jeep to Journey