Collision Magazine Volume 6, Issue 1 (digital copy)

Collision Magazine Volume 6, Issue 1 (digital copy)

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Collision Magazine Volume 6, Issue 1 was released in the Spring of 2011. In addition to the research articles, this issue also includes the 2011 EDR Summit speaker presentations in PDF format.

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Articles included in this issue:

  • Vehicle and Occupant Motion in Far-Side Impacts
    By Sean H. Haight and Kennerly H. Digges

  • Extracting Collision Data from Damaged Ford Powertrain Control Modules
    By David M. Little

  • Estimating Maximum Motorcycle Acceleration Rates
    By Wade Bartlett

  • The Speed Triangle: Momentum, Energy and PCM Data
    By Charlie Greear, David Thornburg, and Lee DeChant

  • Applying Heavy Vehicle EDR Data in the Real World
    By William Messerschmidt, Benjamin Smith, and Al Dunn

  • An Accident Reconstructionist’s Primer on: Tire and Wheel Rim Marks at Crash Scenes
    By Donald F. Tandy, Jr., Jason Colborn, Robert J. Pascarella, Todd D. Hoover

  • Using CDR System Data in Crash Reconstruction or What Does the Term “Complete Reconstruction” Really Mean?
    By: W. R. “Rusty” Haight

  • GPS Navigation Units: Recorded Data for Use in Accident Reconstruction
    By Timothy J. Reust

  • The Performance of Seat Backs in High Speed Rear Impacts and the Effect to the Occupant
    By Martin Werz and David Bliss

  • Insurance Applications for Crash Data Retrieval: Legal Considerations in 2011
    By Michael L. Merolli, David O. Brink, and Andrew T. Apjohn

  • Preserving Heavy Truck Event Data
    By Gary M. Johnson

2011 EDR Summit Presentations:

  • Live Crash Test #1
  • Evaluation of Torque Data Recorded by a Ford PCM
    Eric Deyerl
  • Live Crash Test #2
  • CDR: Insurance and Legal Issues
    Mike Merolli & David Brink
  • Crash Test #3
  • Vehicle Post-crash DocumentationStaff
  • Hands-on Lab: Instructor-led CDR Imaging
  • CDR Data Momentum Solutions: Thinking Inside the Triangle
    Steve St. Amand
  • Case Studies including Toyota EDR Data
    Brad Muir
  • GPS Navigation Units Provide Recorded Data for Use in Accident Reconstruction
    Tim Reust
  • Preserving Heavy Truck ECM Files
    Gary Johnson
  • Applying Heavy Vehicle EDR Data in the Real World
    William Messerschmidt
  • Crash Data Collection Guide for GM Airbag Electronic Control Units
    Don Floyd
  • CSV Pro 2011 Class
    Greg Russell
  • Chrysler Non-deployment Data: How To Identify It and What Does It Tell You
    Rusty Haight
  • Crash Testing Data Review