Collision Magazine Volume 6, Issue 2 (digital copy)

Collision Magazine Volume 6, Issue 2 (digital copy)

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Collision Magazine Volume 6, Issue 2 was released in the Fall of 2011. In addition to the research articles, this issue also includes the 2011 ARC-CSI Crash Conference Data.

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Articles included in this issue:

  • Crash Testing… Why Bother?
    by W.R. Rusty Haight

  • Peer Reviewed Papers, the SAE and Collision Magazine Mutually Exclusive Concepts?
    by W.R. Rusty Haight

  • My Turn At the Wheel: The Mathematics of a Bicycle Going Down an Incline
    by Peter Bergh

  • A Short History of Nearly Everything! ( … about McHenry and Computers in Highway Safety)
    by Brian McHenry

  • ARC-CSI Crash Team Boot Camp Experience and Crash Test Data Review
    by ARC-CSI Boot Camp Team

  • Intersection Crash Reconstruction – From Cradle to Grave
    by Terry D. Day

  • Applications of GPS Data in Collision Reconstruction
    by Daniel Melcher, Jay Przybyla, Rachel Keller, Thomas Rush

  • Accident Reconstruction Photogrammetry Using Zoomed Images from Digital Cameras
    by Lee DeChant, J Rolly Kinney

  • The Use of EDR Data in Vehicle Accident Reconstructions
    by Raymond Brach

  • Fundamentals of Highway and Roadside Design for the Accident Reconstruction Specialist
    by Francisco Klein

  • Eccentric Collisions and Post-Impact Motion – Busting a Myth
    by Bruno Schmidt, Michelle Beach

    Crash Test Data included in this issue:

    • Conference Presentations (PDF)
    • Digital Photos and Video of all Crashes
    • Crash Data from all Crashes
    • Tests: Low Speed tests
    • Test 1: Chrysler 300 to Bonneville
    • Test 2: Crown Vic. to Sonata
    • Test 3: Sienna to Probe to Neon
    • Test 4: LaCrosse to Aspire
    • Test 5: Chrysler 300 to Escape
    • Test 6: Opel Insignia to Cavalier to Alero
    • Test 7: Crown Vic. to Sienna