Collision Magazine Volume 9, Issue 1 (digital copy)

Collision Magazine Volume 9, Issue 1 (digital copy)

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Collision Magazine Volume 9, Issue 1 was released in the Spring of 2014. In addition to the research articles, this issue also includes the 2014 EDR Summit speaker presentations in PDF format.

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Articles included in this issue:

  • Three Dimensional Simulation of a Crash Test Series in SIMON Utilizing A, B, C and D Stiffness Coefficients
    by Jeffrey Suway, Anthony Cornetto, Ronny Wahba, John Swanson, Fawzi Bayan

  • My Turn At the Wheel: An Amazing Speed Computation
    by Erik Carlsson

  • Analysis of Motorcycle and Rider Limits on a Curve
    by Nathan A. Rose, Neal Carter, and David Pentecost

  • Signs of a Wreck: How to Spot a Rolling Disaster
    by Dan H. Wyatt

  • Signs of a Wreck: Testing and Simulation
    by Rusty Haight and Sean Haight

  • Validating Crash Data Retrieval Tool Data through
    Crash Testing
    by James D English

2014 EDR Summit Presentations:

  • SAE EDR Committee and NHTSA Part 563 Update
    Don Floyd
  • General Motors Update
    Don Floyd
  • Chrysler Updates
    Jim Bielenda
  • CASE STUDY: CDR Validity Questioned in Officer-Involved Collision
    George Hall
  • Assessing and Accessing the DLC/OBDII Port
    Kent Boots
  • Integrating CDR Data in an Analysis and Report Narrative
    Rusty Haight
  • Panel Q&A
    Bosch and OE’s (NO PDF)
  • Toyota Brake Data
    David Hallman
  • Overview of EDR data from CDR supported European vehicles sold in North America
    Mike Merolli
  • Hyundai/Kia EDR Data Part
    Rusty Haight/Shawn Gyorke
  • Legal Update
    Bill Melkonian
  • Mock Trial: Direct and Cross
    Bill Melkonian, Rusty Haight, Bob Anderson, Shawn Gyorke
  • Validating CDR Data through Crash Testing
    Doug English
  • Narrow Overlap Data Discrepancies
    Sean Haight
  • Can the EDR Data be Wrong?
    Wes Vandiver