Bosch CDR: Pro-Deluxe Tool Kit

Bosch CDR: Pro-Deluxe Tool Kit

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This CDR Tool Kit configuration contains the complete CDR Pro Kit PLUS 50 of the most frequently used cables and adapters for retrieving EDR data directly from the vehicles safety module(s). This bundle comes with a hard-shell case for the CDR Pro Kit and also an XL hard-shell case to protect and store all of the additional cables and adapters. By purchasing this as a “package bundle” you will save over $1,000.


  • EVERYTHING IN THE PRO KIT plus 50 Cables/Adapters
  • BMW D2M Cables: 1
  • Daimler D2M Cables: 3
  • FCA (Fiat Chrysler) D2M Cables: 10
  • Ford D2M Cables: 5
  • GM D2M Cables: 6
  • Honda D2M Cables: 5
  • Mazda D2M Cables: 6
  • Nissan D2M Cables: 2
  • Toyota D2M Cables: 6
  • Volkswagen Group D2M Cables: 2
  • Volvo D2M Cable; 2
  • Extension Cable: 1
  • ACM Adapter: 1
  • XL Storage Case: 1
  • Coupon for Free Online Class
  • Coupon for Free Crash Hub listing

NOTE: D2M = Direct-to-module

Your purchase includes:

  • Free Online Class: You will receive a coupon for a free “How to Use the Bosch CDR Tool” online class. The class runs about 5 hours and is a savings of $200.00!

  • Free 1-year Listing in The Crash Hub: The Crash Hub is the leading directory of Vehicle Crash Experts. The Crash Hub is used by attorneys, insurance companies and others to locate vehicle crash experts in their area. You will receive a coupon for a free 1-year listing, a savings of $150.00!