CDR Technician Train the Trainer Course

CDR Technician Train the Trainer CourseThank you for registering for the 2022 CDR Technician Train the Trainer Course.

Below you will find information regarding this course. When you registered, you should have received a confirmation email with the link to the virtual room where the online course will be held.


Course Details

Training Organization: Collision Safety Institute
Next Course: July 25, 2022
Time: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm Pacific Standard Time
Format: Online only, virtual course
Price: $300 USD
Prerequisite: Attended the 2019 or 2020 Train the Trainer Course, OR attended a Collision Safety Institute CDR Technician and Analyst Course in 2018, 2019, 2020 or 2022.


  • Rusty Haight - Collision Safety Institute
  • Shawn Gyorke - Crash Data Services
  • Bill Rose - Bosch Automotive Service Solutions 


About This Course

This CDR Technician Train-the-Trainer course is an opportunity for qualified and experienced CDR Data Analysts to train others to the CDR Tool Technician Level. This course provides qualified individuals with an opportunity to teach the two day CDR Technician Course; the prerequisite to the CDR Data Analyst’s Certification Course. It does not qualify one to teach the CDR Data Analyst’s Certification Course.

Those who successfully complete this course and provide personalization information will be provided with a set of new and updated training materials individualized for that Trainer/Mentor to teach the CDR Tool Technician Level course. That material cannot be changed or used in conjunction with so any other Crash Data related course offering and is licensed to the individual instructor for a specified period of time. This policy ensures that the Technician Level course material presented is the same each time it’s offered. Periodic updates will be made available to registered trainers as the Trainer course and the Bosch CDR Tool program is updated during the term of the license.

Here's your opportunity to renew your CDR Tool Technician training materials and status as a Trainer / Mentor and take advantage of the new add-on Tesla and Hyundai/Kia training modules. There won't be another chance to take this course until the EDR Summit in 2023.

NOTE: This course was developed to teach those who have taken the Collision Safety Institute (CSI) curriculum for both the Technician Level and CDR Analyst courses. This course uses the Collision Safety Institute (CSI) curriculum as the content; therefore, all the prerequisites to qualify for this course have to be Collision Safety Institute based. All other training organization's CDR Technician courses do not qualify as a prerequisite.

Online, Virtual Course Offering

For the first time ever, Collision Safety Institute is offering the next Train the Trainer course online. Due to the pandemic, there hasn't been a Train the Trainer course since March of 2020. We believe the best way to present the new materials and introduce trainers to the new course philosophy as quickly as possible is to set up this virtual introduction session rather than wait until the next EDR Summit tentatively scheduled for 2023.

As an added bonus to attending this online version of the Train the Trainer course, Bill Rose from Bosch will be joining us to talk about what is new with the Bosch CDR Tool platform and other CDR Tool changes on the horizon.


The cost of this training opportunity is only $300, compared to the 2020 price of $699. Benefits of an online class are the reductions in travel, hotel and rental car expenses. This course is offered at a reduced price because the course materials license is not the typical 2-year license; instead, it will be valid from July 25, 2022 until the next EDR Summit (Tentatively 2023). 

A New Curriculum and a New Philosophy

By signing up for this Train the Trainer course, you will be the first to teach the technician level CDR class based on a refreshed and revised curriculum and philosophy.

The new curriculum and philosophy is based on feedback from actual CDR Technician Trainers/Mentors. This new approach to the CSI Technician training materials is focused on DLC retrieval but does NOT cover the repowering / backpowering techniques which used to be part of "CDR Technician Level 2" and instead offers new sections, focus and optional training materials.

The renewed emphasis is on core skills for the new Technician including:

  • software and hardware functionality
  • properly using the software
  • focus on the Help file
  • troubleshooting
  • handling dialog boxes and error messages
Hands on DLC retrieval remains the primary focus of the course flow as does limited repowering and electrical troubleshooting followed by the in-car direct-to-module (D2M) retrieval as the next option. This approach eliminates the multi-meter portion previously part of the CDR Technician course.

Two additional optional training sections have been added. As Crash Data Group began distributing the Tesla EDR tool and, more recently, the Hyundai and Kia EDR tools, Trainers / Mentors sought out Technician level training materials. In response, we've added two optional add-on sections: Tesla and a Hyundai/Kia tool training modules. These new modules allow the Trainer / Mentor to include them as part of the Technician training materials as appropriate. As optional modules, the Trainer / Mentor may choose to teach or not teach those sections depending on the audience. Either way, they are part of the new material and will be discussed in the Train The Trainer course.