On-Site Classroom Courses

Advanced Troubleshooting & Vehicle Systems for the CDR/EDR Operator-Technician Course

DATE: March 21-25, 2022 (5 days)


LOCATION: 42206 Remington Ave., Temecula, CA, 92590

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ACTAR CEUs: Pre-approved for 40 CEUs.

This course provides the CDR/EDR Tool user with an advanced skillset to conduct DLC imaging in more difficult situations where other users might not be able to.  Attendees will learn to troubleshoot vehicle electrical systems as well as “connecting” to the vehicle when the DLC is damaged or not accessible.  The experienced CDR Tool user will gain a better understanding of the various vehicle system components that “provide” information to the ACM, their locations, as well as how to “test” them.

Topics include:

  • Advanced data collection methods
  • Electrical Terms & conventions
  • Hands-on practical application on damaged vehicles
  • Making specialized cables and adapters
  • Obtaining, reading, and understanding diagnostic trouble codes
  • Reading and understanding electrical schematics and other vehicle service information
  • Relevant vehicle system sensors and components
  • Repowering vehicles and ACMs in complex situations
  • Using multi-meters and other test equipment
  • Vehicle electrical system troubleshooting
Most, if not all, of the skills taught in this class will apply to other EDR tools such as Hyundai/Kia.