Back-powering / Re-powering Deluxe Rig - CDR-BP

Back-powering / Re-powering Deluxe Rig - CDR-BP

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The use of a the CDR re-powering rig allows you to provide a source of power directly to a vehicles airbag control module (ACM). This is of value when a vehicles electrical system has been compromised. Alternatively, the ignition may be damaged or there might not be an ignition key available. The CDR deluxe re-powering rig has a fused 12-volt plug and approximately 6’ of each wire. The positive wire has inline fuse protection as well and connects to the appropriate size fuse block adapter. The fuse block adapter takes the place of the vehicles airbag control module fuse. The negative wire has an alligator clip for connecting to your vehicle ground. The deluxe model has a built-in 12 volt receptacle, thus eliminating the need for a Y-adapter when also powering the CDR Interface Module. You must supply your own 12-volt source of power for the CDR re-powering rig and CDR Interface Module (when applicable).

Manufacturer: Kent E. Boots & Assoc. (KEBA)
Platform: N/A

Notes:  You must supply your own 12-volt source of power.