Collision Magazine Volume 11, Issue 1 (digital edition)

Collision Magazine Volume 11, Issue 1 (digital edition)

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Collision Magazine Volume 11, Issue 1 was released in the Spring of 2016. In addition to the research articles, this issue also includes the 2016 EDR Summit speaker presentations in PDF format.

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Articles included in this issue:

  • The Accelerations Present During the Trip Phase of a Soil-Tripped Rollover Crash
    by: Nathan A. Rose and Neal Carter

  • The Older Lady Versus the Younger Lady: Female Occupant Kinematics in Low-Speed Rear End Collisions
    by: Lissette M. Ruberté, Billy S. Cox, Jr. and
    Susan Lantz

  • My Turn at the Wheel: Be Careful With What You Ask For It Might Bite You!
    by: Erik Carlsson

  • Streamlining Accident Investigation
    by: Larry Trojak

  • Using Ford EDR Pre-crash Stability Control System Data
    by: John Bruno and Richard R. Ruth

  • How Accurate are Witness Distance Estimates Given in Car Lengths?
    by: Nathan Rose, Neal Carter, John Kreisher, Martin Randolph, William Neale and David Danaher

  • Release History of Bosch Crash Data Retrieval Tool Software
    by: W. R. Rusty Haight

  • Crash Data Case Study Problem and Answers
    by: W. R. Rusty Haight

2016 EDR Summit Presentations:

  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) update
    Lisa Fodale
  • Data privacy and new laws?
    Scott Greene
  • Guide to unsupported Ford EDR’s, a compendium of all known unsupported Ford modules, what they contain, and who to contact to get the data read
    Rick Ruth
  • Digital security, the right way the first time
    Steve Watson
  • Vehicle System Forensics + Crash Data = The Before, During, and After
    Ben Lemere
  • Process for working on damaged modules involved in incidents under investigation
    Paul Gullekson
  • Update on successful reprogramming of ACMs and the addition of unrelated data for imaging
    Mike Merolli
  • Case Study: Data from a car-to-motorcycle crash test highlighting complementary reconstruction techniques and applications
    Adam Hyde/Mike Ditallo
  • Application of crash data from non-supported Ford vehicles
    Shawn Gyorke/Mike Ditallo
    CDR Tool version history highlighting little documented and little noticed changes or why it's so important to use the most current version of the software
    Rusty Haight
  • Back powering vehicles for newly added systems, the current state of the art
    Kent Boots
  • How vehicle systems really work together or is it 'equipped'?
    Chris Guiterrez
  • Hyundai/Kia update
    Shawn Gyorke
  • Testing and analysis of unsupported Kia data
    Wes Vandiver
  • Insurance and fleet management update
    Rusty Haight