Collision Magazine Volume 7, Issue 1 (digital edition)

Collision Magazine Volume 7, Issue 1 (digital edition)

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Collision Magazine Volume 7, Issue 1 was released in the Spring of 2012. In addition to the research articles, this issue also includes the 2012 EDR Summit speaker presentations in PDF format.

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Articles included in this issue:

  • Accident Reconstruction of an Unwitnessed Bicycle Mishap
    by Timothy Joganich

  • A Method for Creating Photograph Textured Planes and Camera Positions in HVE Simulations
    by Brad R. Shults

  • Using the Monte Carlo Method with Crash Event Data
    by Roger W. Barrette

  • Accuracy of Toyota Event Data Recorders
    by Richard R. Ruth

  • Becoming an Effective Expert Witness
    by William J. Melkonian

  • Transcript of the CDR Summit Mock Admissibility Hearing for Trial Preparation
    by Ron Zacapa

  • Information Analysis for the Collision Analyst
    by Jerry S. Ogden, Mathew Martonovich, Zachariah Weimer, and Katrina M. Kloberdanz

  • CDR Data From More Than One Car? Fitting It All Together
    by Raymond Wangler

  • Close-Range Photogrammetry for Sightline Obstruction Determination
    by Lee DeChant and Gary Cooper

  • Toyota, Lexus, and Scion CDR Coverage
    by Kent E. Boots

  • Using Data from a DriveCam Video Event Recorder to Reconstruct a Hard Braking Event
    by Nathan A. Rose, William T.C. Neale and Neal R. Carter

  • OPINION – Peer Review
    by Raymond M. Brach, R. Matthew Brach, Jarrod Carter, Joseph Marsh, Donald Parker, Chris Van Ee, and Michael Varat

2012 EDR Summit Presentations:

  • SAE EDR Committee and NHTSA Part 563 Update
    Brian Everest
  • OE Updates: GM and Chrysler
    Don Floyd, Jim Bielenda
  • Toyota Update and Comparison of Toyota ROT and CDR Data
    Kent Boots
  • A Comparison of Raw Data in ECUs versus Data Found, or Not Found in CDR Reports and Considerations of Possible Challenges to Investigator Integrity
    William Rosenbluth
  • Practical Methods to Accomplish Direct‐EEPROM (D‐EEP) Retrievals and Assessment of Information Patterns in that Data
    William Rosenbluth
  • Using the Monte Carlo Method with Crash Event Data
    Roger Barrette
  • Chip Swapping: Risk v Reward
    David Little
  • The Ford PCM Restrain Deployment Signal: Expectations versus Reality
    Bruce McLaughlin
  • CDR Data from more than One Car? Fitting it Together
    Ray Wangler
  • Is a Search Warrant Required? Case Law Review
    Chuck Gillingham
  • Frye/Daubert and the Admission of Expert Testimony
    Thomas Bohan
  • Mock Admissibility Hearing
  • CDR Admission and Expert Preparation
    William Melkonian
  • Re‐powering 101 – intro for breakout
    Kent Boots
  • Breakout Sessions
    1. RCM and PCM Data Together – Rusty Haight
    2. Re‐powering 101 – live demonstrations – Kent Boots & Don Floyd