Collision Magazine Volume 7, Issue 2 (digital edition)

Collision Magazine Volume 7, Issue 2 (digital edition)

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Collision Magazine Volume 7, Issue 2 was released in the Fall of 2012. In addition to the research articles, this issue also includes the 2012 ARC-CSI Crash Conference Data.

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Articles included in this issue:

  • Dynamics of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Side Impact Crash Tests
    by Lawrence A. Wilson and Sean H. Haight

  • Pilot To Determine If Using Laser Scanning Saves Time & Improves Collision Investigations
    by Richard Auty

  • My Turn At The Wheel: How To Use The Combined Speed Formula, Or Not!
    by Erik Carlsson

  • A Comparison Between A Real World Crash Test, HVE Simulation and 3D Scanning
    by Jeffrey Suway, Anthony Cornetto, John Swanson, Fawzi Bayan, Ronny Wahba and Alfred Cipriani

  • Using & Preserving HVEDR Diagnostic Event Data
    by Timothy Austin, William Messerschmidt, And Michael Farrell

  • Determination of Impact Force and Crush Energy Using Abductive Networks
    by Oren Masory and Nicolas Putod

  • Analysis And Application Of Rollover Data From Testing
    by W. R. Rusty Haight and Sean H. Haight

  • Determination of Vehicle Orientation at Ground Contact for Rollover Accidents
    by Juan M. Herrera and Anselmo Najera G.

  • School Bus Submergence Collision Investigation and Passenger Survivability
    by Ray Turner

  • Reconstruction Essentials for Tread Separation Accidents Involving Axle Tramp
    by Paul T. Semones

  • Crash Team Boot Camp – Crash Test Data Review
    by James D. English, John Howell, C. Bruce Gambardella, Bob Lynn and Jeff Bangle

  • FORCE-BALANCE: A Non-Standard Application of the Tool
    by Daniel W. Vomhof III

  • Yaw Marks: Past And Present
    by John Howell and Mario Alfonsi

    Crash Test Data included in this issue:

    • Conference Presentations (PDF)
    • Digital Photos and Video of all Crashes
    • Crash Data from all Crashes
    • Tests A-E: Low Speed tests
    • Test 1: Grand Prix to Ambulance
    • Test 2: Town & Country to Aspire to Corolla
    • Test 3: Crown Vic. to Saturn
    • Test 4: Head-on – Yaris to Sephia
    • Test 5: Crown Vic to Rio to Escort
    • Test 6: Rollover of Grand Cherokee – bumper height mismatch
    • Test 7: Jetta to Town & Country