Collision Magazine Volume 3, Issue 2 (digital copy)

Collision Magazine Volume 3, Issue 2 (digital copy)

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Collision Magazine Volume 3, Issue 2 was released in the Fall of 2008. In addition to the research articles, this issue also includes the 2008 ARC-CSI Crash Conference Data.

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Articles included in this issue:

  • Close-Range Photogrammetry as a Routine Crash Reconstruction Tool within the Florida Highway Patrol
    by David Templeton, Jr

  • Vehicle Speed Sensor Calibration
    by Alan K. Nagel

  • Centrifugal Force Is It Real?
    By Peter Rast

  • Basic Integral Calculus for Crash Reconstruction
    by Sean Haight

  • Forensic Photography and Crash Reconstruction, Part 1: The Professional Amateur Expert Witness Photographer
    by Robert Wyman

  • School Bus Rollovers and Passenger Compartment Ejection: Solving the Puzzle Using Videoanalytics
    by Dr. Ray Turner

  • Bus Braking Tests: With and Without ABS
    by D. Vangi, A. Virga, L. Pinchera

  • Hydroplaning: The effect of Water on the Roadway
    by Elvin Aycock, PE, PLS

  • CASE PROBLEM: A Multifaceted Approach to Collision Analysis
    by Greg Russell, Rusty Haight

  • CASE STUDY: Motorcycle vs. Passenger Car
    by Gary Lewis

  • CASE STUDY: 2 in 3 Out Revisited
    by Greg Russell

    Crash Test Data included in this issue:

    • Conference Presentations (PDF)
    • Digital Photos and Video of all Crashes
    • Crash Data from all Crashes
    • Test 1: Motorcycle to CRX
    • Test 2a-2b: Crown Vic. Pursuit Intervention Technique
    • Test 3: Malibu to Pedestrian
    • Test 4: Crown Vic. to Honda
    • Test 5: Motorcycle to Van
    • Test 6: Bus to Kia
    • Test 7: Intrepid to Van