New crash retrieval device helps Myrtle Beach officers investigate crashes

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A recent investment in equipment will help the Myrtle Beach Police Department retrieve vehicle data in fatal collisions so they can better investigate the crashes.

The crash data retrieval device, known as CDR, is the most important part of a fatal crash investigation, as it provides a clear understanding of what happened before, after, and during a collision.

Within seconds, the advanced technology pulls details from a collision and most importantly, in an urgent situation, it saves time.

Crash data retrievers are similar to a “black box” found on an airplane, also known as a flight data recorder. Both are designed to record the performance of their form of transportation engine.

The green box contains high tech equipment and cables that can attach to nearly every vehicle to restore details leading up to the crash.

The CDR gathers information seconds before the crash, replaying and retrieving a vehicle’s speed, exact time records, airbag deployment, break use, and seat belt status in major or fatal collisions.

Myrtle Beach traffic unit officers can more write reports interpreting the information, gathered from the CDR device, more accurately.

“It saves a lot of time instead of having to call Highway Patrol when they are busy and instead of having them come down when they have time we can do it ourselves now,” Myrtle Beach Police Department Cpl. Joe West tells News13.

Officers say the entire department will benefit from this investment.

While it was a costly purchase, Myrtle Beach Police Department tells News13 they allocated money in their budget over time in advance of the purchase, taking two years to acquire.

The CDR box is used only in fatal collisions or DUI scenarios.