About Us

Crash Data Group is a distributor for Event Data Recorder (EDR) tools. We work directly with Bosch, Tesla and GIT to offer tools and resources that assist individuals with retrieving EDR crash data from supported vehicles. The EDR tools we offer come directly from the manufacturer and are used to access access “black box”, crash data stored in passenger vehicles.

Crash Data Group, Inc is the sole distributor of the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval product line for North America, the global distributor for the Tesla EDR Hardware Kit and the North American distributor for GIT EDR Tools (Hyundai and Kia). We stock all items in-house and offer a complete online store to facilitate purchases.

Crash Data Group also hosts The Crash Hub online directory of accident reconstruction experts.

Our main website for EDR Tool, EDR Summit and the Crash Academy is: www.crashdatagroup.com
The website for The Crash Hub is: www.thecrashhub.com

Crash Data Group: (800) 280-7940
Email: crash@crashdatagroup.com