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Beginning with the next issue, Volume 17, Issue 1, Collision Magazine will be under new ownership. Although it is a very difficult and emotional decision, Crash Data Group is stepping away from Collision Magazine to concentrate on the growing needs of our EDR distributor business (Bosch CDR, GIT EDR and Tesla EDR). The new website for Collision Magazine is

Crash Data Group is working closely with the new owners to make this transition as seamless as possible. We are confident Collision Magazine will be well represented and in good hands!

In the meantime, below is the Letter from the Editor published in the latest edition of Collision Magazine (Volume 16, Issue 2). This edition will be shipping by the end of January 2023.

Letter from the Editor
Collision Magazine Volume 16, Issue 2

As another year comes to a close we finish Volume 16 of Collision Magazine full of original work by a number of authors. We also bring to a close the current ownership of Collision Magazine (a very difficult and emotional decision). Due to the expansion of Crash Data Group now being a distributor for Bosch, GIT and Tesla (and all of those EDR brands expanding), along with the new YouTube Series EDR Tech (see below) we simply can't give Collision Magazine the attention it deserves.

Beginning with the next issue, Volume 17, Issue 1, Collision Magazine will be under new ownership. Be assured Crash Data Group is working closely with this new company to make this transition seamless. We are confident Collision Magazine will be well represented and in good hands. On occasion, Crash Data Group will be working with the new company to disseminate crash research in other media outlets.

Back to this issue. One aspect is the addition of crash testing data and information which is planned to continue into future issues going forward. Being able to share crash test data from researchers looking into cutting edge issues and topics is what made Collision unique when we started and something we’re planning to continue in future issues.

While on the subject of taking advantage of new technology, last August Crash Data Group launched a new monthly video series on their YouTube Channel named "EDR Tech". Each month a new EDR Tech video is released and is free to watch on the CDG YouTube Channel.

In this issue, there is a short article about Toyota Techstream data which ties into a more complete explanation of Toyota Techstream Vehicle Control History data, which can be seen on Crash Data Group’s YouTube channel as “EDR Tech Edition 4: Toyota Techstream Vehicle Control History Data” with guest speaker, David Hallman.

There are other presentations with Q&A including “Understanding the CDR Tool Vehicle and Cable Lookup,” a look at the CDR 500 adapter, an overview of the Hyundai and Kia CDR Tool and a new cable release video. The last one, of course, raises the issue of cables not being available from Bosch…yet. Be assured Bosch is working on the release of additional cables and are hopeful that the backlog of cables not yet released will break loose and we will see some of the most recent cables released this year.

And while we’re being hopeful for the coming year, plans are in the works for the return of the EDR Summit at a new location mid-year 2023. The company taking the reigns of Collision Magazine will also be running the EDR Summit going forward. Stay tuned for more details as plans and speakers are finalized. Current potential topics include a deep dive into the GM Front Camera Module with case problem examples, An in-depth look at Tesla CAN Bus data with an explanation of element translations and applications, and, of course, more on the growing application of Toyota Techstream data, as well as other topics.

So, a lot going on in the EDR world. It has been a highlight of my life running Collision Magazine for the past 16 years along with the ARC-CSI Crash Conferences and EDR Summits. During that time we have seen an incredible evolution of the EDR technology and what it means to crash investigation. I am excited to see what the EDR future brings.

Scott Baker
Collision Magazine