Ordering Information

Purchase Orders

Crash Data Group accepts Purchase Orders from government agencies for both hardware and software orders. There is $500.00 minimum threshold for all Purchase Orders. Any order under $500.00 must be purchased online with a credit card. In addition, all purchase orders need to have the purchase terms set to NET 30. Crash Data Group ships all orders from California. We charge a shipping and handling fee for all orders except software. All Purchase Orders must allow for and accept a line item for shipping and handling.

Purchase Orders must include the correct vendor information:

Crash Data Group Inc
PO Box 892885
Temecula, CA 92589

Incorrect vendor information will delay the processing of the Purchase Order.

Government Bids

Crash Data Group Inc does not participate in bidding on purchase order contracts. We are the sole source distributor of the Bosch CDR Tool product line in North America. If your company requires a bid, you can reach out to third-party sourcing companies like SHI, CDW, LiquidPC, etc. and submit your bid to them. In turn, those companies will contact us for a quote. We do not offer reseller discounts and only sell at MSRP, unless we are offering a promotion to the general buying audience.


Crash Data Group, Inc. is a product distributor for the following:

  1. Bosch Automotive Service Solutions: The Bosch CDR Tool product line
  2. GIT America: The Hyundai and Kia EDR Tool product line
  3. Tesla Automotive: The Tesla EDR Hardware cables

As a distributor, we cannot guarantee pricing for more than 60 days. All sales are conducted at time of purchase by either a.) online purchase, b.) check, c.) ACH, d.) wire transfer, or e.) government purchase order stating NET 30 terms. All sales are priced at the current MSRP in US dollars, unless Crash Data Group, Inc. is offering a promotional price that will be clearly stated on the product page.

Crash Data Group, Inc. is not a service provider. Customers purchase EDR hardware and software directly from our website or by contacting our office. We then ship all hardware directly to the customer. All software sales are delivered electronically from the license management servers of the respective manufacturers (Bosch and/or GIT). The annual software license and terms of the EULA are controlled, delivered, and serviced by the respective manufacturer (Bosch and/or GIT) including delivery of licenses, updates, and patches. Crash Data Group does not have the authority to waive or override any terms of the existing EULA or terms of the software license. All hardware warranty issues are provided by and handled by the respective manufacturer (Bosch and/or GIT). This includes any and all defects and recalls. In addition, technical support is handled by the respective manufacturer (Bosch and/or GIT).

Crash Data Group, Inc is the sole distributor of the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval product line for North America, the North American distributor for the Tesla EDR Hardware Kit, and the North American distributor for GIT EDR Tools (Hyundai and Kia). We stock all items in-house and offer a complete online store to facilitate purchases. All support documents can be found at

Crash Data Group is not able to to sign or agree to contract terms to facilitate purchases if that contract requires modifications or changes to any of the above. If a contract is required you might reach out to a third-party reseller. A few resellers we have done business with are SHI International, CDW-G, Insight, Liquid PC and others. Please note, we do NOT offer a reseller discount.

Sales Tax

Crash Data Group Inc charges sales tax on in certain states that meet the requirement. Due to tax laws continually being updated, this could change without notice. Please visit the Sales Tax page for complete information.