CDR CANplus VCI Module

Bosch CDR CANplus Vehicle Interface Module is Officially Discontinued 

October 30, 2023

Crash Data Group has received information from Bosch Automotive Service Solutions that the CDR CANplus module has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Certain technology used in the CDR CANplus module has reached "end of life" and can't be sourced from any supplier.

The CDR CANplus module has been in use for almost 2 decades and was becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the ever evolving technology in todays vehicles. In 2018, Bosch introduced the CDR 900 Vehicle Interface Module upgrade kit. This next-generation VCI was introduced to eventually replace the CANplus. That time has come, and going forward, the CDR 900 is the only VCI that will be used with new Bosch CDR kits.

LINK: New Bosch CDR 900 DLC Kit

If you currently own the CANplus module, be sure to keep it in your CDR Tool kit.  Bosch is still migrating CANplus data to the CDR 900. It is anticipated that all CDR data that can be migrated to the CDR 900 will be completed next year.

Below is a photo of the Bosch CDR CANplus module.