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June 2020: Newly revamped and updated to include the latest information available from Bosch!

Online Class: How To Use The Bosch CDR Pro Tool Kit Course Bundle

Open Enrollment

Instructor: Crash Data Group
Cost: $200.00 p/person (Includes Part 1 and Part 2)
Class: 5-7 hours completion time; 14 day enrollment
Certificate: Receive a certificate with a passing grade on final exam
Location: Online
ACTAR: Approved for 5 or 7 ACTAR CEUs. If you complete Part 1 only with a passing grade, you are eligible for 5 ACTAR CEUs. If you complete both Part 1 and Part 2 with a passing grade, you are eligible for 7 ACTAR CEUS. There are no CEUs awarded for Part 2 only.
(student is responsible for the $5.00 student fee, payable to ACTAR)

Course Description: If you have purchased the Bosch CDR Tool or are thinking about it, this is the first course on your path to becoming a successful CDR Tool user. This course was developed to teach the CDR user the basics of the Bosch CDR Tool and how the operations work. This course will get you up and running and teach you the fundamentals for using this powerful tool.

This course bundle contains two parts:

Part 1 contains 9 training modules, 9 module quizzes and a final exam. Part 1 focuses on the DLC connection method for imaging EDR data. It is highly recommended to complete Part 1 BEFORE taking Part 2 as many concepts and methods are covered in Part 1 that you should be familiar with before beginning Part 2.

  • Module 1: History and Introduction
  • Module 2: CDR Tool Kit Hardware
  • Module 3: CDR Software Installation
  • Module 4: CDR Interface Module Setup
  • Module 5: CDR Software Operation
  • Module 6: CDR Help File and Vehicle Lookup
  • Module 7: Regulation and Privacy
  • Module 8: Performing a DLC Download
  • Module 9: Troubleshooting

Part 2 contains 3 training modules, 3 module quizzes and a final exam. Part 2 focuses on the Direc-to-module (D2M) connection method for imaging EDR data.

  • Module 1: Overview and Hardware
  • Module 2: Connecting Equipment
  • Module 3: Downloading and Troubleshooting