Kia EDR Software License Renewal - Scroll down for information on software.

Kia EDR Software License Renewal - Scroll down for information on software.


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NOTE: GIT will be closed December 18, 2023 to January 1, 2024. Although Crash Data Group will continue to sell GIT product during this time, we will be unable to activate any GIT software licenses.

Please read below BEFORE purchasing or renewing your GIT EDR software license!

You can renew your existing Kia EDR Software license for an additional year through Crash Data Group. For us to process your Kia EDR Software license, we need your Kia VCI Serial Number. When placing your order, please include your current Kia VCI Serial Number in the ORDER NOTE section during check out (see screen shot below). 

Kia EDR Software Order Note

The GIT VCI Serial Number is found on the back of the unit. See screen shot below.

Kia EDR Software VCI Serial Number Location

Once a Kia EDR software license is purchased, we are unable to refund the purchase price.

One Time Purchase or Subscribe

IMPORTANT!!  When you purchase a GIT EDR Software license, you have the choice of a "one time purchase" or "subscribe".

The "one time purchase" is purchasing the GIT EDR Software, 1-year license for a 1-year time frame. At the end of the 1-year time frame, you will be responsible for purchasing a 1-year renewal.

The "subscribe" is purchasing the GIT EDR Software as an "automatic renewal" of your EDR software license every year on the anniversary of the original purchase. The system securely stores your subscription information and charges your credit card automatically on the anniversary date. DO NOT try to renew your software on the Crash Data Group website as this will create a new and separate license. Please remember all software sales are final and cannot be refunded. If you are not sure if you are on the "subscribe" plan, please contact Crash Data Group before making another software license purchase. If you have changed or updated your credit card, the system will notify you with a link to update your credit card information when it attempts to renew your EDR software license.

The GIT software licensing program may send out a renewal notices to ALL subscribers, regardless if they purchased the "one time purchase" option or the "subscribe" option. If you are on the "subscribe" options, DO NOT renew your software license through the link provided in the GIT email. Remember, your software is set to auto renew on your anniversary date.

Once you purchase GIT EDR software, the order is final. Be sure you understand the difference between "one time purchase" and "subscribe" before ordering.  Crash Data Group does not offer refunds on EDR software license purchases. If you are unsure about your EDR software license, please email or call Crash Data Group first, we can help you.

GIT EDR Software for Hyundai, Genesis, and Kia

  • Only offered as a 1-year license. No exceptions.

  • May take up to 5 business days for NEW or RENEWAL software accounts to receive their user ID and password. When Crash Data Group receives the license renewal, we have to submit it to GIT to confirm against the VCI serial number. GIT then renews it in their license management program and then lets Crash Data Group know the license has been activated.

  • The Hyundai/Genesis software only works with the Hyundai VCI.

  • The Kia software only works with the Kia VCI.

  • MSRP can change at any time without notification. GIT software quotes are valid for 30 days. If you need more time, you will need to request an updated quote.

  • We cannot consolidate GIT EDR Software licenses if you have more than one license expiring on different dates. Unfortunately GIT does not offer this option like the Bosch CDR Software.

  • Any new software versions or updates released during the license period are included in the annual license fee.

  • The Hyundai and Kia EDR Software license does contain an End User License Agreement (EULA) which must be agreed to when installing any version of the software.

  • It is always recommended to use the latest version of the software. Each new release of the Hyundai and/or Kia EDR software may include new capabilities, updates, and functions which enable you to access EDR data from the latest passenger cars, light trucks, and SUVs manufactured by Hyundai, Genesis, and Kia.

  • We can process software license renewals 90 days or less prior to your current expiration date.

  • Any GIT EDR software renewal purchased on our website must have the serial # of the Hyundai and or Kia VCI included in the notes section when checking out. This allows Crash Data Group to find which software account to correctly renew. The serial # to your VCI is located on the back of the interface module, in the green square.

  • GIT does not offer any discounts for multiple subscriptions.

  • Crash Data Group offers free videos on installing, activating and using the Hyundai/Kia EDR Tool on our YouTube Channel:

  • If you are facing issues installing the GIT EDR software, contact Crash Data Group.