Hyundai / Kia EDR Software Renewal

IMPORTANT: After purchase, GIT will activate your software subscriptions. Please be informed that it may take up to 5 business days to receive your activation credentials with User ID and Password. You will receive a User ID and Password for the Hyundai Software and another User ID and Password for the Kia Software.

IMPORTANT!!  When you purchase a GIT EDR Software license, you have the choice of a "one time purchase" or "subscribe".

The "one time purchase" is purchasing the GIT EDR Software, 1-year license for a 1-year time frame. At the end of the 1-year time frame, you will be responsible for purchasing a 1-year renewal.

The "subscribe" is purchasing the GIT EDR Software as an "automatic renewal" of your EDR software license every year on the anniversary of the original purchase. The system securely stores your subscription information and charges your credit card automatically on the anniversary date. DO NOT try to renew your software on the Crash Data Group website as this will create a new and separate license. Please remember all software sales are final and cannot be refunded. If you are not sure if you are on the "subscribe" plan, please contact Crash Data Group before making another software license purchase. If you have changed or updated your credit card, the system will notify you with a link to update your credit card information when it attempts to renew your EDR software license.

The GIT software licensing program may send out a renewal notices to ALL subscribers, regardless if they purchased the "one time purchase" option or the "subscribe" option. If you are on the "subscribe" options, DO NOT renew your software license through the link provided in the GIT email. Remember, your software is set to auto renew on your anniversary date.

Once you purchase GIT EDR software, the order is final. Be sure you understand the difference between "one time purchase" and "subscribe" before ordering.  Crash Data Group does not offer refunds on CDR software license purchases. If you are unsure about your EDR software license, please email or call Crash Data Group first, we can help you.

2 products

2 products