Bosch CDR Software License: New or Renewal. Scroll down for information on software.

Bosch CDR Software License: New or Renewal. Scroll down for information on software.


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The Bosch CDR software is a 1-year license to use the software in conjunction with the Bosch CDR Tool for vehicle EDR downloads. This software only works with the Bosch CDR Tool.

Please read BEFORE purchasing or renewing your BOSCH CDR software license!

One Time Purchase v. Subscription

IMPORTANT!!  When you purchase a Bosch CDR Software license, you have the choice of a "one time purchase" or "subscribe".

The "one time purchase" is purchasing the Bosch CDR Software, 1-year license for a 1-year time frame. At the end of the 1-year time frame, you will be responsible for purchasing a 1-year renewal.

The "subscribe" is purchasing the Bosch CDR Software as an "automatic renewal" of your CDR software license every year on the anniversary of the original purchase. The system securely stores your subscription information and charges your credit card automatically on the anniversary date. DO NOT try to renew your software on the Crash Data Group website as this will create a new and separate license. Please remember all software sales are final and cannot be refunded. If you are not sure if you are on the "subscribe" plan, please contact Crash Data Group before making another software license purchase. If you have changed or updated your credit card, the system will notify you with a link to update your credit card information when it attempts to renew your CDR software license.

The Bosch software licensing program sends out automatic renewal notices to ALL subscribers, regardless if they purchased the "one time purchase" option or the "subscribe" option. If you are on the "subscribe" options, DO NOT renew your software license through the link provided in the Bosch email. Remember, your software is set to auto renew on your anniversary date.

Once you purchase Bosch CDR software, the order is final. Be sure you understand the difference between "one time purchase" and "subscribe" before ordering.  Crash Data Group does not offer refunds on CDR software license purchases. If you are unsure about your CDR software license, please email or call Crash Data Group first, we can help you. | (800) 280-7940

CDR Software License

Unleash all capabilities of the CDR software by purchasing a CDR software license. Once the license is purchased, you will be sent an email with an attached Activation Certificate (.ctf file). During the 1-year license term you will receive a new Activation Certificate for each new version of the software upon release. The Activation Certificate is used to turn on all capabilities of the CDR software for each new version.

Bosch Part #: F00E900038 (NEW or RENEWAL)
Platform: Bosch CDR Tool
Market: North America

IMPORTANT! If you are an Automotive OEM, you have to purchase your Bosch CDR software directly from BOSCH. We are not authorized to sell or renew Bosch CDR software for Automotive OEMs. If you place an order on the Crash Data Group website, your order will be refunded less a 5% fee and you will be directed to Bosch for your CDR software.


  • CDR software license does not include CDR hardware release updates. All CDR hardware release updates need to be purchased separately.
  • Software Activation Note: Even though the CDR Software is an electronic version, the activation certificate is not delivered to your email inbox immediately. Each software activation certificate has to be processed in the Bosch License Management System AND the user has to complete the GDPR privacy requirements before the activation certificate can be emailed to the user. We typically can complete software license activations the same day (M-F 8:00 to 5:00 PM PST); however, it could take up to two business days. Software is not activated on weekends or holidays.
  • Software renewal eligibility: We can only process software renewals 60 days or less prior to your current expiration date.
  • Activation Certificates: Never install a new CDR software version unless you have already received the new activation certificate from Bosch. We cannot create an activation certificate for an older version of the software.

Current CDR Software Version: 24.1 includes CDR 2

About CDR Software Licenses

Always use the latest license version of the Bosch CDR software. Each new release of the CDR software may include new capabilities and functions which enable you to access EDR data from the latest passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs. As the capabilities in supported vehicles evolve and grow, software changes to your CDR Tool may be required in order to enable communication with and translate crash data (EDR data) from these vehicles. Bosch will send out new releases of software and Activation Certificates to current CDR subscribers as these changes are implemented and made available on the Crash Data Group website.

CDR Software Reader Version 24.1 includes CDR 2

CDR software reader version enables users to view the hexadecimal data from the opened CDR file but not the actual CDR Report. It also allows access to the CDR Help File and Vehicle Lookup. A CDR Software subscription is required to get access to full functionality such as viewing CDR Reports, imaging EDR data, and printing/exporting data from CDR files.

Beginning with the July 2023 release of version 23.2, The NEW CDR 2 software application will be included with the software download. This new software platform uses the latest in software technology to support the latest security and software components, ensuring continual support of new vehicles throughout the world for years to come. The CDR 2 application will become the main platform moving forward as new vehicle coverage and features are added starting in 2023.

View the CDR Product Information PDF

Activation Certificates

When the CDR software is first installed on your computer, it is configured as a CDR File Reader and must be activated to get access to all CDR program capabilities. An activation certificate will be emailed to you when you purchase your CDR software license. Activation certificates will also be automatically emailed to you, if you have a current software license, when a new software version is released.

NOTE: Never install a new CDR software version unless you have already received the new activation certificate from Bosch. We cannot create an activation certificate for an older version of the software.

Bosch CDR Software License Important Information

  • Only offered as a 1-year license. No exceptions.

  • Only 1 email address can be used per license.

  • The CDR software works with both the Bosch CANplus VCI and the Bosch CDR900 VCI. No additional software is required.

  • The Bosch CDR Software license contains an End User License Agreement (EULA) which must be agreed to when installing any version of the software. Please read the EULA and understand what you are agreeing to. Per the Bosch CDR Software End User License Agreement (EULA), each software can be installed on 1 computer and 1 backup computer. If you need the software on additional computers, you will need to purchase additional licenses.

  • Bosch reserves the right to change the price of the software any time without notification. Therefore, CDR software quotes from Crash Data Group are valid for 30 days. If you need more time, you will need to request an updated quote. Once you purchase a 1-year software license, you will receive new version updates/patches for the full year with no additional costs.

  • License Consolidation: We can consolidate Bosch CDR Software licenses if you have more than one license expiring on different dates. You will not loose any time on your license but you will only need to remember one renewal date instead of multiple renewal dates. For example, you have one license that expires on May 1 and then another on November 1. You can consolidate those single-user licenses to one 2-user license. Each license will be pro-rated and a new renewal date will be established.
  • Multiple Subscription Discounts: If you are looking to purchase 10 or more user licenses, please contact Crash Data Group and we can set you up with a discounted price - The "multi-user" licenses cannot be purchased online and must all be under a single company name and single contact. Following are the discount tiers:
    • 10-24 first tier discount
    • 25-49 second tier discount
    • 50-99 third tier discount
    • 100+ fourth tier discount

  • Crash Data Group offers free videos on installing, activating and using the CDR Tool on our YouTube Channel: