Bosch CDR CANplus GM DLC/OBD Cable 3090 - 02003090

Bosch CDR CANplus GM DLC/OBD Cable 3090 - 02003090


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This cable is used for DLC/OBD downloading of EDR data from select 1994-1995 GM vehicles using the Bosch CDR Tool.

NOTE: This cable has been discontinued by Bosch. It is still supported by the Bosch CDR software, but this cable has been marked as "end-of-life" and Bosch will no longer manufacture this cable.

Cable ID #: 3090
Bosch Part #: 02003090
Platform: Bosch CDR Tool

Notes: This cable may require an adapter, have special instructions, or be used for other vehicle brands. Please refer to the Bosch CDR Software Help File to check the Vehicle and Cable LookupAdditional note: Bosch discontinued this cable in 2020 and will no longer produce them; supply is limited.