Bosch CDR 900 Upgrade Kit without Case

Bosch CDR 900 Upgrade Kit without Case


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The Bosch CDR 900 Upgrade Kit is essential for the support of new vehicle model years and EDR systems; including the addition of new OEM vehicle support and General Motors active safety system event data readout.

This vehicle interface module offers faster communication than the current Bosch CANplus, wireless connectivity, and is the new Bosch CDR hardware platform going forward. The CDR 900 module is needed to support more demanding performance and communications protocols from today’s vehicle network systems. 

This option for the Bosch CDR 900 Upgrade Kit DOES NOT include a hard-shell case customized with foam trays that secure both the CDR 900 Interface module, the existing CDR CANplus module and all the Bosch DLC cables and adapters.

The Bosch CDR 900 Upgrade Kit includes:

  • CDR 900 vehicle interface module
  • CDR 900 power cable
  • CDR 900 DLC/OBD cable
  • CDR 900 wireless dongles (2)
  • CDR 900 extension cable
  • CDR 900 legacy cable adapter
  • CDR 900 USB cable

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